Inclusive Politics

All Americans, regardless of political association, support providing social services to the American people as efficiently as possible.  Network America will be faster, better, cheaper than Federally administered services, and exist without the coercive tax structure.  Thus the QS Platform should appeal to everyone.

Small government advocates appreciate how the Network America plan transitions the responsibilities our society has placed on the government to a parallel meta-organization that operates exclusively under the rules of market forces.  This drastically reduces the size and scope of government intervention into the lives of Americans, enabling those who create value to keep their property  while increasing the amount of social services to all.

Big government advocates appreciate Network America’s ability to provide every American with a high baseline (floor) of social services and makes it extremely simple for the people to decide whether they want the state to finance more services or less.  Network America has room for government run public options as well, as long as that option competes fairly with others.

Traditionalists appreciate how government has less influence on local culture.  Nationalists appreciate how boarder security is of paramount importance.  Internationals appreciate our formula for principled international engagement.

Network America is not about politics: it’s about whether Americans believe that free individuals using networking technologies can produce a more efficient and equitable society.

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