13 Points

1. Foreign Policy
Work directly with foreign civil society institutions to create a more transparent world.
Milestone: Develop an international transparency commission.

2. National Security
Our number one national security priority is securing our borders.
Milestone: Complete virtual fence between US-Mexico boarder.

3. Employment
Reorient our labor and tax laws to encourage self employment.
Milestone: 50 million self-employed Americans in 4-years.

4. Immigration
Employ a skills-based immigration policy that fulfills our nation’s need for labor.
Milestone: 500m American citizens in 10 years and 0 illegal immigrants.

5. Monetary Policy
Encourage the autonomous development of local and alternative currencies.
Milestone: Pass legislation that legalizes barter and the use of local and alternative currencies.

6. Trade
Enact simple tariffs that create local resiliency and increase the cost of trade with opaque nations.
Milestone: Simplify all international trade agreements to 5000 word or less with each country.

7. Infrastructure
Invest heavily in the nation’s electrical grid and rail infrastructure.
Milestone: Build a trans-continental high speed train line.

8. Energy
Facilitate the creation of local energy cooperatives that produce their own electricity locally.
Milestone: Create a federally-regulated legal structure for energy cooperatives.

9. Healthcare

Provide comprehensive services to the American people through a networked nonprofit sector.
Milestone: Simplify and standardize how nonprofit can receive government vouchers.

10. Education
Create open source education products for government, charter and community schools.
Milestone: Develop a system that can deploy educational material over the web and deploy an open-source core K-12 education curriculum.

11. Taxes
Simplify federal, state and local tax codes and publicly review each tax’s effects every two years.
Milestone: Develop a less than 5000 word federal tax code any high school graduate can understand.

12. Carbon
Phase-in separate taxes on imported and domestic fossil fuels production.
Milestone: Reduce imported fuel consumption by 80% in the next 10 years.

13. Crime
Decrease black market activity through taxation and education.
Milestone: Reduce our prison population by 50% in 5 years.

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