National Security

Without an empire to support, the American military can be redeployed to achieve it’s primary missions: to secure America’s boarders, uphold our Constitution and ensure no foreign military could harm our nation.

Due to the increasingly high level of economic integration between all nations, foreign invasion is highly unlikely.  What is not unlikely, in fact, what is a near certainty, is that individuals will attempt to attack American society.  The effectiveness of these attacks will depend on two factors: the damage the attack causes and the effect it has on the American people.

The best way to limit the damage an attack can cause on the American people is to make it difficult for individuals to acquire weapons of mass destruction.  It is possible, with the full strength of the US military, to ensure that nuclear and biological agents don’t enter the US from abroad and additional precautions can be taken to prevent powerful weapons from originating within.

The American population is our greatest resource to prevent attack.  We must make sure individuals within our country aren’t alienated by our communities, individuals outside our country view America positively and all peoples of the world view each other as one.  Dismantling our empire will enable us to realize these goals.  By nature, there will be alienated people who want to lash out against American society.  Our security forces must neutralize them.

Attack is inevitable but it’s effect on the American people is determined by our culture.  If we can preserve our nation’s love of freedom, no attack, not matter how devastating, can harm the promise of America.

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