Foreign Policy

American foreign policy has been designed by a group of special interests who willfully spend taxpayer money and lives for their selfish gain.  The only way to mitigate the influence of these interests on American international affairs is to operate a strictly principled foreign policy.  This policy must embody the same values as the US government: freedom and equality under the law.

American troops are stationed in over 130 countries around the world, costing taxpayers hundreds of billion of dollars a year and generating unquantifiable amounts of ill will among the peoples of the world.  Dismantling the America empire will create a power vacuum that another entity will inevitably fill.  That entity mustn’t be a coercive governing structure like the UN or WTO but rather, a universally applicable principle by which all national governments are judged.  This principle must be quantifiable.  It must be transparency.

Transparency is the ability for society to see inside government.  In a completely transparent nation, society and government are one.  It is in the American people’s interest to live in a world of transparent nations because transparency empowers civil society and enables democracy to flourish.

Democratic governments protect their citizens from exploitation and environmental degradation.  Empowered workers demand higher wages, giving Americans more of a competitive advantage.

The world’s peoples must construct transparency coalitions that rate national government and document electoral fraud.  They must then demand that their own national governments not recognize the opaque governments of other nations.

This type of decentralized, principled system of international governance is our best defense against the emergence of an autocratic one world government.

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