Monetary Policy

The greatest threat to the American people is our current monetary system lead by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.  By creating money and giving it to other banks at irresponsible rates, the FED has jeopardized the value of the dollar and made it possbile for the dollar to experience hyper-inflation and collapse.  The social turmoil that would result from such an event would be tremendous and threaten the foundations of American liberty.

Our first priority is to retake control of the Federal Reserve through Congressional action.  This is already underway thanks to Ron Paul’s popular Audit The FED Bill.  Once we have the FED under control, we can determine whether we want to abolish or modify the institution.

The US government should provide it’s citizens with some type of banking insurance.  The FDIC engenders confidence in the banking system and the dollar.  We need to increase FDIC coverage to $500,000 and reengineer banking regulations to ensure that FDIC covered banks remain solvent.

Our best insurance against collapsing banks and a declining dollar is creating parallel systems of value exchange that relies on neither entity.  We must legalize and support the emergence of local currency organically created by networks of individuals within geographic areas voluntarily agree to accept non-legal tender.  Local currencies allow a greater variety of transactions than normal currency and provide a layer of security and social cohesion in the unlikely event that hyper-inflation take place.

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