Every individual has inherent worth and the ability to generate income by trading their time with others.  Employment is a natural process in which each individuals within a community learns how they can create the most value and generate the most income by serving others.  Employment becomes problematic when regulations prevent people from engaging in trade.  These regulation increase costs, distort incentives and ultimately create unemployment.

Right now the single largest factor causing unemployment is a regulatory framework that gives advantages to corporations over individuals.  Corporations were the core economic unit during the industrial era but in the information era the individual with the ability to work on a number of projects with a number of other individuals at any given time is the core economic unit.  Our entire regulatory framework must adapt to that reality.

We have a three part full employment program:

  1. Eliminate regulations preventing individuals from engaging in trade.
  2. Separate healthcare and other benefits from employment.
  3. End the tax code’s distinction between freelancers and employees.

The rapid development of our society’s technological capacity and the internationalization of the labor market creates employment instability which we recognize as detrimental to emotional health.  Thus, we find it appropriate for the government to provide a source of unlimited employment at a specific price point to create a de-facto minimum wage by offering people a voucher for working at certified nonprofit organizations.

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