Questionable Source welcomes the content of any skilled writer, but our ‘authors’ all agree with the following principles:

1. Our politics, economics and culture are all organized in a highly centralized way.

2. This centralization is a vestige of industrial information distribution systems.

3. This system has created a homogeneous ‘mainstream’ culture and spread a spiritually unsatisfying and dangerous worldview.

4. Information networks are transforming culture and the worldview of people who interact with these networks.

5. This transformation could result in an extremely free or extremely oppressive society depending on whether we use technological advances to create more or less centralization.

6. People with a deep sense of their inherent worth act like hubs, naturally decentralizing society.    People who derive their self worth from others act like spokes, naturally centralizing society.

7. “Mainstream” culture degrades people, destroying their sense of self-worth, so they become spokes that channel the energy of the center.  Spirituality elevates people, strengthening their sense of self-worth, so they become hubs that generate their own power.

8. If more people act like hubs our society will become increasingly resilient and balanced.

9. People can become self-confident hubs by disconnecting from mediated experiences, engaging with reality and developing skills to manipulate that reality.

10. Reality is …

*This is an imperfect, living document that will adapt and grow as our community refines it’s thinking and discovers more precise ways to express itself.  We will alert you when substantial changes to this document are made.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section below.

Our Editor(s)



Our society is going through a spiritual crises that has removed us from nature and reality. We have lost faith in our own instincts and have been tricked into an illusion that the world exists elsewhere: that our homes and communities are only a small, insignificant part of much larger world that we see on TV and in glossy magazines. This is a dangerous lie that encourages people to rely on the media, as opposed to personal and communal experience, to tell us all what to (and how to) think about ourselves and our world. In reality, each of us already has everything we need to take control of our own lives and live peacefully with our neighbors.

My main objective is to refocus people on the ancient and eternal political debate between people who believe in more centralized control of our society and those who believe in less.  The concepts of liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican, right and left are incomplete and corrupted forms of political identity.  America’s original political parties: the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, were effectively centralizers and decentralizers.  We need to return to this political paradigm in which the debate surrounding the scope of government is separated from the debate surrounding how it’s administered.  In a functional democracy, the scope of government is determined by the people and the administration of government determined by elites.  Indeed, the task of elites is determining what government does and the task of the people is determining what the government leaves undone.

When I get confused I read the Tao, Milton Friedman, Tom Paine, listen to Pink Floyd and try to catch my breath.

I write because it helps me scrutinize and clarify my perspective on the world.

Contact me at wcronkind[at]gmail.com

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