The 12 Point Platform

The platform is simple.

  1. National Security: Bring all the troops home and redeploy them along America’s boarder.
  2. Foreign Policy: Partner with transparent governments and peacefully support transparency activists.
  3. Monetary Policy: Restrain the Federal Reserve, strengthen the FDIC and support local currencies.
  4. Employment: Facilitate trade by eliminating employment  restrictions and encouraging micro-finance.
  5. Healthcare: Give Americans savable vouchers so they can purchase their own healthcare coverage.
  6. Education: Give students vouchers and create high quality open source education programs.
  7. Taxes: Enact principled tariffs, a national sales tax, and state/local regulatory taxes.
  8. Environment: Phase in a tax on fuels that produce carbon and invest the proceeds into mass transit.
  9. Energy: Invest in the electrical grid and facilitate local energy production.
  10. Crime: Mitigate black market activity through taxation, regulation and education.
  11. Trade: Free trade with transparent nations, regulated trade with opaque ones.
  12. Immigration: Institute a skills based immigration policy and make our boarders 100% secure.

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