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The American Imperative

The patriotic duty of every American is to liberate the world’s people through the peaceful expression of the power of the individual living in a free society.

Within the next decade, the American people will successfully organize a solution to the current political gridlock blocking our ability to significantly change our society’s industrial power structure.  The paradigm that emerges from this mobilization will govern America through the age of the information network.  The American people have two options:

  • A centrally organized society with paternalistic, socialist ideology.
  • A locally organized society with a liberty driven, free-market ideology.

European socialism is an attractive option, but it comes at a great cost: the freedom to be exceptional.  America is exceptional.

We have a mission – a moral obligation – to be a shinning example to all the world that free people can live together in peaceful harmony.  As other nations increases their government’s size and scope, America must reduce it.  We must show the world that individuals free from coercion can organize collective solutions better than coerced people.  We must challenge the peoples of the world to trust themselves more than their leaders.  This mission will test our courage and strengthen our faith.