End Game McCain

John McCain he has proven he will do whatever it takes to win.

We has one final card in the deck: Declare war against the media.

The Couric interview of Palin is nothing short of amazing.  It revealled the logic behind her selection for VP.  The Republicans thoguht that since beautiful women sell everything to Americans; they might be able to sell a president.  Couric made Palin look foolish simply by reading, line for line, questions any mediocre journalist would ask.  This was a sad day for America. There will be much denial on the part of conservatives who invested in the McCain-Pailin ticket, but as the interview sinks in, many conservaticve media commentators will have to turn on the McCain-Palin ticket to save their own respectability.  Palin was so bad that one gets the sense Palin was angry she had to defend Rick Davis and answer questions she wasn’t prepared for.  She knows the Republicans used her.  She couldn’t perform.  Very, very few people could have in this situation.

As the final wave of media personalities flee McCain, his only move is to talk to the American people directly and say: “The media has lied to you.  They hate me because I will defeat them and they will try to convince you I’m not worth of being president.  They’re wrong: just like they were wrong about Iraq, the state of the economy and your level of intelligence.  Don’t listen to them now.  Let’s take our country back.”

Unfortunately for McCain, he cannot escape his own decisions.  He cannot escape Rick Davis, Sarah Palin or his 26 years in the Senate.  Obama has enough money to remind Americans McCain supported the invasion of Iraq and deregulation on Wall Street.  Sarah Palin has taken care of herself.

The game isn’t over.  Republicans are going to engineer a situation in which McCain saves the bail out plan  that has been temporarily put in jeopardy by a gang of Republicans who are waiting for McCain’s signal.   The media won’t buy this silly ploy and neither will the American people.  If McCain is really desperate, he’ll skip the debate, effectively declaring war on the press as they broadcast Obama waiting for an opponent who does not come.

McCain’s plan might have worked if there were only a few days left to the election, but with 40 days left, there’ll be more than enough time to sort through the wreckage.

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