Our current healthcare system is staggeringly inefficient because it is so heavily regulated by the government.  These regulations, many of which were written by the largest healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations, have created massive barriers of entry so only organizations with expansive compliance departments can serve the public.  The system is unsalvageable.

A sensible health care policy begins with a sensible agricultural policy.  We must end the corn subsidies that make high-fructose corn syrup and beef unnaturally inexpensive.  These subsidies are inconsistent with America’s free market principles and have contributed to the national health crisis.

The importance of healthcare requires that we give every American the freedom to chose their own provider by supplying them with the means to do so.  We interpret the US Constitutions right to one’s body as support for vouchers.

Our policy preference is a $5000/year voucher redeemable with certified practitioners, clinics and hospital that, if unused, can be places into a savings account designated for future healthcare expenses. Congress can change the voucher’s value by modifying tax rates and applying the gains or losses to the voucher system.  It will cost $1.75 trillion a year to give 350m Americans a $5000 vouchers.

Generally, we dislike government participation in the marketplace due to it’s ability to coerce actors but we recognize that the collective must take care of individuals unable to pay for humane healthcare treatment.  We believe that a mature network of charity hospitals will be able to serve this community through voluntary contribution but until then, the American people must foot the bill via an emergency voucher system.

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