There Is No More Time – Contact Everyone You Know

After wallowing in my own disgust for the Republican Party and its supporters for about a week now, it has become very obvious that the time has come to do something substantial.  Writing articles about “facts” and “issues” is important, but only when dealing with people who care to begin to evaluate them.  As the Republican National Convention demonstrated, rationality and logic are not agreed upon frameworks for discussion. Mitt Romney denounced “Eastern elites” as the son of a Fortune 500 CEO-billionaire from Massachusetts.  Rudy Giuliani slandered “cosmopolitanism”, despite having mayored the largest American city and having openly supported an extremely liberal social agenda.  Sarah Palin argued that she has the experience to sit shotgun in the largest and most powerful government in the world, because she has run a town of five thousand people and possesses a vagina that works.  John McCain contended that his military service is enough of a qualification for office, despite having graduated fifth to last in his class at the Air Force Academy and having crashed five – count them – five aircraft before finally being captured. (Not that flying an airplane well would give him the qualifications to be President either.)

The fact of the matter is that Obama and Biden have to win this election or the United States is in serious trouble. Not the kind of trouble we have witnessed in Iraq, where the United States demonstrated that it could massacre a couple hundred thousand people and walk away with only a financial debt and a few thousand dead soldiers.  I’m talking about the kind of trouble that comes to your doorstep, creating problems that will force you to make decisions you’ve never had to make before.  If John McCain becomes President, or worse, Sarah Palin, with a contingent of social conservatives behind the wheel, I firmly believe that the United States will place itself and all of its citizens in clear and present danger. This is not like past presidencies, where we could make some proxy war mistakes and lose a couple more friends at the United Nations.  This time, the nuclear weapons are falling into place and we are telling their owners to go fuck themselves.  The Cold War came this close to committing global annihilation and we didn’t learn anything. We are so close to making this pretty little blue planet burn grey and red. So very close.

In the timely words of Radiohead, “We are not scaremongering, this is really happening.” McCain’s stated policies on Iraq, Georgia, and Iran are actually frightening.  McCain favors prolonged military action in Iraq, despite the pleading of generals in the American military, who believe that we can no longer protect ourselves if another conflict were to present itself.  We have the most professional and highly trained military in the world – they do not make statements like this unless they sincerely mean it. McCain supports the continued financing of the Georgia government, which demonstrated utter recklessness by provoking Russia into an armed overreaction in a highly volatile and newly democratic region.  It is true that democracies almost never attack other democracies, but democracies attack non-democracies more than any other state-group in international politics.  We cannot keep arming countries – it will come back to kill us.  It already has in Nicaragua, Panama, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea…the list goes on.  Bush just pushed through one billion dollars in aid to Georgia – one billion dollars, no questions asked – in order to continue the ridiculous provocation of Russia.  Russia is looking out for Russia, and if I was in Putin’s place and I cannot honestly say I would have a different foreign policy.  NATO and the United States are basically telling Russia that historical mistakes cannot be rectified, much like the English and the French to the Germans at Versailles.  Keep pushing them, watch what happens.  McCain believes that pre-emptive military force is justified against the Iranians, if they continue to develop nuclear energy. These are the preparations for the first truly global “World War”. These are the justifications that could easily culminate in the first regional nuclear war. Israel is geographically all alone, clutching their nuclear deterrence like someone walking down a dark alley at three in the morning. Iran feels contained behind treaties like the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and threatened by the presence of American battleships directly off of their coast.  What would you feel like if someone held you at gunpoint your whole life?

These are just a few of the most severe situations that absolutely have to be diffused in the near future through pure and unadulterated diplomacy.  Obama is clearly the person that we need to do it, McCain has stated he won’t.  My hands shake a little when I imagine John, the tortured war veteran, so painfully metaphorical to the French after World War I, still remembering those wounds at all times, sitting down to negotiate (or not at all) with angry foreign leaders.  We have to stop making demands and start listening to what our “enemies” are screaming.  Can you honestly listen to Putin or Ahmadinejad and not hear some truth in their words?  I’m not saying start giving them the USSR back or cut off Israel, I’m saying back the fuck off of their shit.  America needs to stop projecting its power abroad with battleships in the Red Sea and SAM missile batteries in Poland.  THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT GOING TO INVADE POLAND YOU FUCKING HAWKS. The Bush Administration has insisted they are in place to stop nuclear attacks from countries like North Korea on Europe. Fuck you, you lying pieces of shit – the missile range of the currently non-existent North Korean bomb can’t even reach the Western coast of Canada, let alone Europe.  Locking everyone in their boxes is going to make everyone want to escape.  And they will.

There is no more time – contact everyone you know.  Now is time when you have to participate in politics like you’ve never participated before.  Putting posters in your Illinois or California or New York apartment window is irrelevant – the Democrats have already won these states.  If you have any relatives in any red state, or, more importantly, any swing state (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Florida, etc.), call them.  Make sure they know what is going on, because the United States no longer has a functioning media.  There is no trusted anchor, telling us the facts.  There are only people like Hannity, who should be deported to Antarctica for his lack of character.  There are only four companies that own every single TV station.  Four.  Viacom, GE, Disney, and News Corp.  The news has become entertainment and money laundering – whores to the highest bidder – and no one is going to hear about the reality of the situation unless you tell them.  Sure, the internet helps a lot – but not enough.  Polls are putting McCain ahead of Obama by 4% right now.  The end of comfortable times could be very near.  They are certainly closer than you think if McCain/Palin wins this election.  Pick up the phone.  Write some emails.  Rally the troops.  Or we are going to be the troops.

4 thoughts on “There Is No More Time – Contact Everyone You Know”

  1. Thats funny cause that was exactly what I wrote about in my article about writing on this blog…glad you’re recycling my advise.

  2. Re: Walther

    Are you kidding me? First of all – as one of the founding members of this blog – I’m shocked to hear you say that you don’t think writing here is worthwhile or “action”. I disagree entirely. I’ve had a very productive discussion with someone who is pro-gun on my second amendment article. I believe that both of us have learned from each other’s point of view and that is precisely why I write here. The internet is an essential tool for rallying support, particularly when the media is in the state of affairs that it is. Obama knows this and has used the internet extensively. As for your indictment that making phone calls and writing emails is not action, I am a part of the Obama volunteer corps and that is precisely what I do. In fact, I got the idea from them. Don’t be contrary for the sake of being contrary, it’s a very Republican thing to do.

    Re: Simple

    No, you’re wrong. Your article, which was painfully hypocritical, told people to stop writing for blogs. My article uses a blog to motivate action. Can you honestly not see the difference? Moreover, you continue to read the articles here – there must be something that keeps drawing you back.

  3. And at least on this point we can agree. The effect of the media upon our society is truly frightening. In addition I also am very worried about what will occur if the Republicans manage to hold on to the white house for another four years. Sadly I am also worried about what happens if the democrats gain the white house. This is both the blessing and the curse of being a moderate libertarian. 🙂 Regards, Patrick

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