Lost and Found

Hello there folks, first off, a major lo siento for missing out on last week’s edition. I swear it wasn’t because I had totally forgot that it was Thursday before it was too late. More like it was because I didn’t want to be too much of a music slut, you know, just sharing all the goods with all who want to experience it. I had to take one week off to keep all of you pervs in line. I bet you’re happy that I did, because now you’re even more ecstatic to be reading me than ever before. Just keeping you on your toes. This week installment will be moving from my introspective sissy music suggestions back towards a harder edge electronic genre. Why? Because I’m a harder edged guy and I need musical manna for my badassitude. Just kidding, probably because Justice popped up on my iPod and I thought it would be a good area to rediscover. Whatever my rationale, it’s good friggin music that will get your toes tapping and your blood flowing. What else do you need?

1) Apparat (http://www.myspace.com/apparat)

I found Apparat in a pretty unconventional manner- from a Showtime commercial that I have to sit through before my Dexter DVDs start up. I pop in the DVD, and the first thing I hear is this awesome pounding yet muted drum beat combined with a sick bass line. What is THIS??!! I was all thrown off because I was expecting to whistle to the theme music from Dexter (my favorite song to whistle), and then a full frontal assault of awesomeness totally unrelated to the Dexter theme song grabbed my full attention. Turns our that the song from the Showtime commercial (Hailin From the Edge) isn’t exactly what most of the rest of Apparat’s music is like, but hey, that’s cool because the rest of his music fends well for itself. The music has an electronic pop feel to it, but is dark and subtle enough to give it a bit of a manic edge. Overall, the experience is varied and gratifying, however a little less appropriate for the dancefloor than my other suggestions this week- definitely more of a headphone “party in my head” type of experience. Recommended tracks: “Hailin From the Edge”, “Fractales Pt. I & II”

2) MSTRKRFT (http://www.myspace.com/mstrkrft)

MSTRKRFT’s last album title was FIST OF GOD. Whoaaaa there skinny hipster dudes, can you really back up that album title by tapping on some electronic music-boards whilst wearing hoodies (hood up) and skinny jeans? Okay okay, yes you can. Grungy, pulsing, powerful… MSTRKRFT does a great job of pounding out some pretty intense party-ready gems. The surprising part of these intense beats is that a lot of their songs are laced with some pretty interesting guest vocals as diverse as John Legend and Ghostface Killah. These vocals, in addition to the smart sampling and cutting on the tracks that don’t include the vocals, end up transforming the music from pretty hardcore electronica into party worthy songs that will get everyone jumping around. Or if you are alone, it will get you jumping around by yourself… Either way. Recommended tracks: “So Deep”, “It Ain’t Love”

3) Modeselektor (http://www.myspace.com/mdslktr)

You know that when you have Thom Yorke making a guest appearance on one of your tracks that you are pretty much the shit. Such is the case for Modeselektor, who’s frenetic “glitch-hop” background provide for music that at first can sound a bit awkward, but rapidly grows on you as you realize the complexity of the sounds they are trying to create. The guest vocals, like those on some MSTRKRFT tracks, provide a diverse layer over the twitchy and frenetic beats that permeate throughout all of the songs. Most of the songs retain a unique signature, but its a receptive enough signature that the mood of the vocals can change the whole experience. One song can be smoothed out and melodic, while the next can be rowdy and sound like a short circuited fem-bot with the voice of M.I.A. is rapping over the track. Definitely give Modeselektor more than one listen, I bet you’ll like it more and more as you come back. Recommended tracks: “Silikon”, “The White Flash”

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